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Practice Areas

We offer a variety of services that we can tailor to fit each of our clients’ individual needs. Communicating with our clients is essential to understanding their unique situation and providing the necessary services and council.


Miller, Woodard & Associates' team of tax professionals focus on getting to know our clients and their unique needs. We can assist with a variety of tax-related issues such as:

  • Tax Planning, Consulting, & Preparation for the:

  1. Individual

  2. Corporate

  3. Partnership

  4. LLC

  5. Estate

  6. Trust

  7. Non-Profit

  • Tax Controversy relating to: 

  1. IRS Audit Representation

  2. Back Taxes Owed

  3. IRS Payment Plan

  • State and Local Tax​

  • Estate, Gift, and Trust Services

  • Tax Audit Assistance & Representation

  • Tax Compliance​

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our specialized staff has experience preparing an assortment of reports. We would be happy to help with:


  • General ledger & financial statement preparation

  • Bookkeeping at varying times

  1. Monthly 

  2. Quarterly

  3. Annually

  • After-the-fact bookkeeping assistance

  • Reconciliation of monthly bank accounts and records

  • Deliver on-site services

  • ​Business tax return preparation

    1. Sales & Use

    2. Business Property

  • Personal Financial Statements

  • Profitability Analysis

It's never easy to set up a new accounting system for any business - call us! We would be delighted to help.

QuickBooks Services


As a company, Miller, Woodard & Associates uses QuickBooks for numerous day-to-day operations. Our staff can:

  • Set up and establish

    1. Chart of accounts

    2. Names of customers and vendors

    3. Item lists for invoicing and payroll purposes

    4. Security, password, and system preferences

    5. Memorized transactions and reports

    6. Accrual vs cash basis statements

    7. Budgets

  • Design balance sheet and income statements through account and subaccount numbers and classes

  • Perform maintenance, review and ongoing bookkeeping related to your:

    1. Monthly/quarterly/semi-annual review of files and reports

    2. Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations

  • Provide employee training and/or oversight, including answering questions related to software features and options, either on-site or by phone

Wills & Trusts

Many individuals have questions regarding Wills & Trusts. We would be pleased to assist you in answering them.

  • What is the difference between a will and a living trust? How often should one review the provisions?

  • Options for gifting

    1. Cash versus trust accounts

    2. Valuation

    3. Charities

  • Taxable Estates

    1. Preparing for your descendants

    2. Illiquid assets

    3. Assets remaining with children/grandchildren vs ex-spouses

  • Succession Planning

    1. Keeping it in the family

    2. Who’s going to run the business when you’re gone?

    3. Minimizing the tax bite

    4. Making it fair



​The experienced staff at Miller, Woodard & Associates, Inc. can provide a wide range of consulting support, ranging from:

  1. Accounting software election and implementation

  2. Type of entity selection

  3. Buying/selling a business

  4. Computer systems

  5. Cash flow reporting and projections

  6. Budgeting

  7. Recommending and introducing other professionals, including attorneys, bankers, insurance brokers, and marketing experts.

Let us know if you are moving! We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Thinking about retiring or purchasing additional property? Let's discuss the tax implications and plan for your future!​

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